DIY Custom Homes


Can I use my own subcontractors?

Yes, because you are in charge.

How Can I find good subcontractors?

DIY Custom Homes can provide access to quality subcontractors who have proven track records. They deliver quality service and competitive pricing.

Who pays the bills?

You do. You control the money and monitor costs as the project progresses. DIY Custom Homes will have an updated balance spreadsheet to keep track of all in and out payments.

Do I need to find land or have my building plans before I call DIY Custom Homes?

NO. This is actually the best time to start working with DIY Custom Homes. By getting out professional help before you buy the land or prepare the plans can help you avoid costly mistakes.

Can DIY Custom Homes help me with home plans?

You can take advantage of DIY Custom Homes relationship with qualified architects and designers. We will connect you with local professionals who will work very closely with you and your consultant as your plans are being developed.

When should I start building?

Every month, the price of materials and land increase. Whether you are thinking of building in a few years or a few on this, it is important to understand what effect waiting has on the cost of your project